Superfood Chocolate Balls

Tanya’s Superfood Chocolate Balls Recipe

Superfood Chocolate Balls

Superfood Chocolate Balls

This is a recipe created by my sister, Tanya Hanson:

“I’ve been making these superfood chocolate balls to get myself to eat my spirulina, (and avoid sweets at work)”

Mix together the following Ingredients:
– raw honey
– coconut butter
– raw cacao powder
– spirulina
– chlorella
– goji berries
– sesame seeds
– terramin clay
– milk thistle
– propolis honey
– sunflower seeds
– vanilla
– bee pollen

Roll into balls

Roll balls in:
– ground peanuts (farmers market!),
– almonds
– coconut flakes
– spices
– and more bee pollen!!

I’m thinking spices might be cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pumpkin pie spice, maybe cayenne pepper if you want a little zing to it.

Have fun!